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Hi there. My name is Julia but my friends call me Jewel so you can too. I want to get down to it with you here if that’s okay. Here’s a snapshot of how I grew out of being a serial employee into a serial entrepreneur and freedom-seeker. And why I created The Jewel Box to help you do the same.

I was climbing the corporate ladder as a marketing and media executive for major companies and some of the world’s biggest brands. I loved the work and colleagues and the great pay and even better perks. But the 80+ hour work weeks were grueling. I felt trapped with ZERO control over my time or income. Asking permission for vacation? Puh-leez. #crazyrulesforgrownups

Desperate to spend less time working and more time living, I often thought “There’s got to be a better way!”. 8 years and 4 successful entrepreneurships later, I did have more income but less time.

I wanted my life back. A friend introduced me to a better way that opened up a whole new world of entrepreneurship. I became a student of the network marketing profession and have built a sizable business teaching its amazing strategies of redirected spend, duplication, time leveraging and helping others create freedom.

Here’s the big disconnect I couldn’t shake:

Why aren’t more network marketers branding themselves?

And where’s the marketing part of this thing?

And when are we gonna get with the program and use 21st century technology?

Company leaders couldn’t teach me this because they didn’t know how. They followed an effective traditional system designed to build the company brand. In order to take my business to the next level, I made it my mission to find people, tools and training that would teach me how to bridge the gap.

POW! I discovered there were dozens of top network marketing leaders using traditional skills WITH the power of internet marketing and social media to explode their brand impact. Well! If they could do it without any marketing experience, surely I could learn it too! I got to work! I invested thousands of dollars and thousands of hours into learning, testing, teaching and more learning, all while building my income and teams.

I now have more leads, more sales, more income, more impact, better time leveraging and a solid community of modern marketers to continue building with. I’m free to do what I love from anywhere in the world, whenever is convenient for me. Eeeep!

Here’s the extra juicy bit! I get to pack all that insight and those amazing resources into The Jewel Box. This is a glittering treasure chest of the best tools, tips and training available so you can build your future now, even if you have no experience at all. Valuable marketing and mindset strategies to build YOU Inc, make more money, help more people and follow your passion.

It’s time for the rise of the entrepreneur, and I’m happy you’re here. Let’s connect and grow together, shall we?

Your friend and partner,


The information and support I receive from The Jewel Box is always super insightful and timely.  I never realized how versatile social media could be for building my business; who knew it could be so much more that posting what i ate today. I love working with you!


A lot of value here – always refreshing and inspiring. Thank you!


Julia’s coaching in the development of my MLM business has been substantial and extremely valuable. Truly, she is an expert in her field of marketing. Her insights on prospecting and online marketing have become crucial in my operations. Julia proves time and time again that business success happens alongside working towards enriching the lives of other people.

I’m very fortunate to have her as a mentor.