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Here’s some cool stuff about Jewel, and how she outgrow the matrix into lifestyle entrepreneurship.

Until 2006, Julia made a great living as a Marketing and Media Executive
By burning out at an office, 90 hours a week.

She loved creating programs and ad campaigns for many of the world’s biggest brands,
but had become desperate to determine her own time and income.

When her corporate employer laid her off,
Julia hated the interviewing process so much, that
she vowed to never have a boss again.

She did what out of work marketing execs often do…
Started her own consulting firm from her home office.

Once she went into entrepreneur mode, there was no turning back.
She launched an online cupcake shop serving corporate accounts.

And discovered network marketing in 2009.
She became a student of the profession to get the skills of the top earners.

And built an international team, with a sizable extra income.
But something was missing…

Where was the marketing?

Why aren’t more network marketers branding themselves?
And when are we gonna get with the program and use 21st century technology?

Company leaders couldn’t teach her any of that because they didn’t know how.
They were building the company, by selling what the company offered.

Wait a second.
Aren’t we business owners here?
Aren’t we independent reps with a burning desire to run our own show?

People around her were doing a whole lot of networking and selling.
But all these home parties, bad social media posts and hotel meetings…
This was anything BUT marketing.

What if she let go of what everyone else was doing?
Those things were tiresome and she didn’t like them anyway.

What if she got busy doing what she already knew was smart business?
Branding. Marketing. Advertising. Promotion.
AND people skills.


In 2014, she sought mentorship and got to work creating The Jewel Box brand
where she teaches home business entrepreneurs to use valuable marketing, mindset and social media
strategies to grow their business results online and create freedom to work and play from wherever they choose.


In early 2016, Julia closed her marketing firm, to focus on her mission:
“To help entrepreneurs build their brands for all they’re worth, and increase their value to the world.”

This year, Julia created The Brand Studio Facebook Community for all things Branding, and launched her complete online course called “Brand Foundation – The Entrepreneur’s Essential Guide To Increase Your Influence, Impact and Income Online.”

Julia loves marketing. A lot.
But since she’s designing her life like you are, she makes time for singing R&B and gospel, hot air ballooning (for real), and playing beach volleyball. She travels extensively, and lives (most of the time) in Toronto with her husband Bruce, and their amazing 17 year-old dog Soshi.

The information and support I receive from The Jewel Box is always super insightful and timely.  I never realized how versatile social media could be for building my business; who knew it could be so much more that posting what i ate today. I love working with you!


A lot of value here – always refreshing and inspiring. Thank you!


Julia’s coaching in the development of my MLM business has been substantial and extremely valuable. Truly, she is an expert in her field of marketing. Her insights on prospecting and online marketing have become crucial in my operations. Julia proves time and time again that business success happens alongside working towards enriching the lives of other people.

I’m very fortunate to have her as a mentor.


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