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Why Your Great Content Is Missing The Point

Content is king, right? Agreed. Great content provides solutions to your audience's needs and pains and builds the "know, like and trust" factor with you and your following. So let's assume your content is stellar! THE NEXT STEP FOR YOUR GREAT CONTENT Even the most...

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How To Explode Your Results NOW With Video Marketing

Video is the #1 way to connect with your ideal audience. Get more leads and sales faster, with video marketing. Even if you’re afraid of the camera, don’t know what to say, or don’t know how to market. Workshop replay and cheatsheet included.

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Chat with Ron Gelok: Pain pushes. Vision Pulls.

Conversation with Ron Gelok, III – a top recruiter in his company, a skilled online marketer, entrepreneur, skateboarder, Christian and World Traveller. “It’s how you respond to adversity that tells you the type of person you are, and if you’re going to get pulled through or pushed out.”

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Network Marketing Success | How To Get Lucky

Ever look at other successful people and think "How'd they get so lucky?" Or "If only I was that lucky, I'd be more successful!" The key to network marketing success isn't luck at all; it's about making a commitment to develop yourself into someone worthy of success....

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The Truth About How To Tell Your Story For Better Sales

It's true: Facts tell. Stories sell. But people just don't care about stories that don't solve their problems. People are funny like that. No matter what you share with them, they're thinking, "What's in it for me?" So here you are with all this great experience and...

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