Has someone ever told you that you’re not supposed to be good at everything? That’s a tough concept for those of us who believe that anything our minds conceive we can achieve. So let me explain:

I’m good at a few things. Not everything. Sure, there are many, many more skills and talents I’d like to have, and some I’m working toward. But I can always rely on those few things that come naturally. When I’m using that skill, talent or experience, everything else falls into place:

  • People are more responsive to what I share
  • They trust my guidance and insight
  • I feel confident, happy and totally at ease
  • Results come more quickly
  • Time seems to fly by

Here’s a fact you may be relieved to learn: People we recognize for their greatness in one or two areas, are playing to their strengths and ignoring everything else. They’re focused on their gifts! Consider your favourite athletes or musicians. They practiced, rehearsed and busted their tails to be awesome at just a few skills. A top-ranked tennis player can achieve greatness by honing even just a few key skills: His serve, his backhand, his reach, or even more specifically, his first serve. Successful people don’t spend time on everything else, because since we’ve only got 24 hours a day, it’s obvious we just can’t be fabulous, pro or amazing at everything.  Cool!  That frees us up a little, doesn’t it? Now, I hear some of you saying “I only do what I’m good at”. Excellent. Let’s look at that:

Have you ever thought about your gifts? I’m talking about the amazing, unique God-given talents, strengths and abilities you have that only you possess.  I believe we are each created to use those gifts and that we’re not meant to struggle to “fix” what’s missing at the expense of those gifts. Of course, our personal growth is vital to our well-being and ability to contribute to the world. But does that mean we should spend all our time trying to be great at everything? Definitely not.

If you really want to amp up your results in anything, start focusing on just one or two of your gifts. Here’s why:

1. You Have Passion

Whether it’s creating a blog post, coaching a new colleague, speaking at an event or sharing your products, you love it. It inspires you. You feel safe and comfortable. You feel at home doing it and there’s nothing else you’d rather do. Nothing. That’s passion. And you don’t feel that way about everything, do you? You’ve probably heard the expression “When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Your incredible, insatiable passion acts like a powerful magnet drawing others to not only be around you, but to learning more about that thing that lights you up. If you’re in a people business (and most of us are), your passion for who, what, why and how you operate is a huge part of your success.

2. You Are Authentic

That thing you do puts the sparkle in your eye. There’s no faking it, here. You’re the real deal and you’ve got the failures and bruises to prove it. Think about the successful mentors and leaders you are drawn to: Did they fake it? Have they done the work to be where they are? “Fake it till you make it” is a load of garbage, since no ever makes it by faking it! Imagine the time and effort required to fake being something you’re not. Keeping your focus on your gifts, skills and talents is the simplest way to be authentic, which speeds up your results.  Here’s a superb explanation of “authentic” from Leadership Mentor, John Maxwell.

3. You’re More Efficient

Ever notice how quickly you can blast through a mountain of tasks when you’re good at them? You didn’t get good at that thing overnight. You practiced, researched, studied, rehearsed and worked to be the awesome superstar you are.  Yet the things that are tougher to figure out

a) get put aside until you feel more motivated to deal with them or
b) seem to take forever to push through

So if you spend most of your time building and using just a few vital skills – whatever you and only you can accomplish or provide in your business – you’d whip through tasks with blistering speed!  Delegate the rest to those more able than you, to get other tasks done efficiently. If detailed paperwork makes your head spin, allocate that task to someone who gets joy from spreadsheets and forms. If you have the greatest impact with live business opportunity presentations, great! Spend more of your time doing that.

What can you now do very proficiently, because you’ve already put in the time? (See the best-selling success book Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell).

3. You Have Authority

You’ve already got credibility and proof that you’ve mastered something. It could be the skills of prospecting, speaking, or coaching. It could be playing guitar, scuba diving or dog training. Whatever “it” is, you’ve got specific skills, talents and strengths already, which help make you an authority.  The world will believe you are an expert – because you are – and when others start giving you props for that, you gain authority. Authority will spark others’ belief and trust in you faster than anything else. Check out my recent video on this topic:

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Posted by Julia Baxter on Tuesday, 19 May 2015

5. You Can Innovate

Consider a situation when you were quickly able to provide a unique approach to solve a problem. That’s a clue to what your strengths are! When you are truly using your strengths, you will stand out from a crowd. Innovation always gets noticed, both good and bad.

What strengths are you going to focus on…starting now? If you got value from this, like, comment and share to tell me what those strengths are!

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