Content is king, right? Agreed.
Great content provides solutions to your audience’s needs and pains and builds the “know, like and trust” factor with you and your following. So let’s assume your content is stellar!


Even the most outstanding content needs a solid marketing strategy.
Straight talk: You Need A Plan!

“Superstar Marketers” have great content, but is that enough? Nope. Check out this quick video to learn what accounts for 90% of the marketing equation:

Great brands and internet marketers have solid online marketing strategies. If you haven’t got that plan, that’s THE reason why your great content isn’t getting you very far.


No Plan = No Eyeballs On Your Stuff.
No Eyeballs = No Impact.
No Impact = No Business.



Have you ever heard Marshall McLuhan’s iconic phrase “The medium is the message”?
It means that there’s such a tight bond between a message and the medium used to deliver it, that the medium actually affects how the message is received. So where, when and how you promote your content affects how people receive what you’re putting out there.

If you choose the wrong platform or message, or worse…you don’t even plan this stuff at all? Your great content doesn’t hit the target.

Let’s say you have the world’s best fitness tips for busy dads. You’ll want to know as much as you can about these guys and where they hang out online, so you can find each other.

Your target market may be active online at 7pm in Germany, searching YouTube for simple fitness tips.
Or they may be super responsive to email offers between Noon and 1pm on their lunchbreak in New York City.

If you’re creating content on Facebook at 6am just out there guessing, wishing and hoping the right buyers or business partners happen to stop by, you’re gambling with your business.

Online Marketing Strategies use insights about your audience, so you can effectively market to them now and later!

By the way, did you know that Facebook tracks all this info and more…whether you’re on Facebook or not? Yeah. Totally ninja. It’s called Pixel Retargeting, and smart marketers can use this data to market their great content – or whatever they want to promote – directly to their ideal customer. Here’s the amazing tool that showed me how to do this.


5 Tips for Creating An Effective Online Marketing Plan

Your fabulous content deserves to be delivered through channels that make sense for the message. Follow these 5 steps to get started on your online marketing plan:

1. Have a crystal clear description, written down, about who you want to reach with your content.
What do you know for sure about these people? Include their greatest dreams, fears and desires.
2. Practice simple Attraction Marketing principles; make sure your content actually helps solve their problems or fills their needs whether they buy something from you or not.
3. Figure out where to find your audience online. (e.g. Which social platforms)
4. Create a clear marketing strategy to reach this audience in social media and other online channels.
What media will you use?
What is your main message?
How will you follow up with the people who want a deeper connection with you?
5. Continually improve your marketing skills to make sure those lucky people see your helpful content and to keep getting better at creating your awesome online strategies.



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