This is a customized personal brand coaching program that transforms your vision, content and marketing into a clear, powerful, unique and profitable tool.

We’ll design your own brand that feels good. Because it’s 100% you. AND it’s aligned to your greater purpose to make a marketplace impact.

This is beyond just a brand. It’s Brand Strategy…because every awesome thing deserves an intentional plan.


  • 90 days/3 months of personal coaching
  • 3 x 1 hour video call sessions per month with strategic takeaway action steps for each session
  • Personalized discovery and guidance through each of the 4 personal brand pillars:
    Vision, Values, Message and Audience
  • Each session lifts the fog between what you want, who you are, and how your brand will support your vision.
  • How to communicate and integrate your brand easily and effectively and all your marketing, such as:
    • Brand identity
    • Brand design
    • Brand content
    • Brand partnerships
    • Brand integration
  • Access to all of Julia’s current programs, products, groups and insider community
  • How to express your brand in as little as one word, and how to use that word to guide your brand and business growth


  • A brand that’s built to last and grow with you.
  • A brand that guides your business decisions, measures your opportunities, and strengthens your unique spot in the marketplace
  • A framework to make smart business decisions faster & easier! Based on what matters to you most
  • A Content Strategy so your audience knows what to expect from you and identifies you as the source for that niche. Sure, you’ll never run out of content ideas. But better than that…every piece of content will support and drive your brand. Pow.

An irresistible personal brand that lights you up from the inside out. That people recognize when you’re not in the room. That expresses who you are, what matters to you, whom you serve, and how you help them.

That sets you apart from anyone and everyone in your niche.

Your new brand is your fingerprint.

From this point forward, your only decisions will be around where you want to leave a mark.

Cost: $5,500 USD

Or CLICK HERE to split your purchase into 3 payments of $2,000 USD per month*

*automatically billed at 30 day intervals to the payment source on file.


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