Are you trying to “get people” or “serve people”?

If you are clear on your intention to help, serve and build others with all your awesome content, here’s what I’ve learned: Find ways to show you care about them. That’s what “attraction marketing” is all about! Giving your tribe what they need to make their lives or businesses better, easier and more fun. This video will help you show you care about your tribe that you’ve worked so hard to connect with:

If You Care, They Will ShareNew Blog Post: Do you really care about what your followers need?
3 Ways to Show Your Tribe You Care

Today’s video will show you how sharing is caring.

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Posted by Julia Baxter on Monday, August 31, 2015

If You Care, They Will Share

3 Ways To Show Your Tribe You Care

1. Relate

Only produce content your avatar (ideal customer or audience) can relate to. Stay on task by solving real problems your tribe has. Share relevant personal stories or experiences, so your audience believes you! Your fans want to know that you’re not just a know-it-all, but is someone who’s been where they are. Someone who learns from experiences and mistakes, and genuinely wants to help people by sharing the lessons with them.

TIP: Check your content progress. Once you’ve got a bunch of content out there, take a look at your most popular posts and downloads.  You’ll see some themes and patterns; which posts sparked the most engagement?

2. Request

Post questions or polls in your social media asking your tribe what their biggest questions or concerns are. You may genuinely know what they need, but if you hear it directly from them, you’ll have proof! And you can create more engagement on the spot as you respond to those needs directly. Sample questions:

  • What’s one question about your business that you have trouble answering?
  • If I created a guide or e-book about _____ would that help you?
  • What’s the most useful blog post you’ve read this week and how did it help you? Share it here!
  • If you could hire a coach for one area of your business, what would you ask them for?

Here’s my recommended Facebook Poll App. It’s free and super easy to use.

3. Respond

Your fans are actually telling you a lot about themselves; pay attention to what they say – or don’t say – about your content in their personal and professional pages. When they comment on your post, reply as quickly as possible. People want to know they’ve been heard. When they share your content, remember to thank them. These little things are so easy to do, that they’re just as easy not to do. Just like in-person conversations, people like some sort of acknowledgement.

I know you’re working hard on creating great content, so I encourage you to take these little steps to ensure a real connection with your tribe. People stay where they can relate, and feel appreciated.

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I appreciate you.

Did you get value from this today?

Did you get value from this today?

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