Coach Me


Get Branding Answers In 30 Minutes

When you’re in action, but not getting where you want to go …
The trouble may not be your idea, or price or audience …

It may just be that you haven’t branded like a pro.
No matter how good your marketing may be, your Brand is The Boss.

So where do you start?
What’s working or not so far?
Maybe you need a coach to guide you through just one thing.

In 30 minutes, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do next to move your brand and business forward with confidence.


1:1 Brand Strategy Coaching

My coaching clients are Entrepreneurs and Home Business Owners who want to make an impact in their niche. And they need help to stand out for what they really do best!

Coaching with me transforms your vision, content and marketing into a clear, powerful, unique and profitable tool.

We’ll design your own brand that feels good. Because it’s 100% you. It’s aligned to your greater purpose, it makes an impact, and it earns you the income you’ve been working for.

This is beyond just a brand. It’s Brand Strategy…because every awesome thing deserves an intentional plan.

Staci Hall, The Genuine Connection Coach for Entrepreneurs

Train Me

Brand Foundation

What if building your business was as simple as being yourself and attracting cool people who just get you … and really like you?

It is.  When you create a Pro Online Brand.

Brand Foundation is designed to bring you more Influence, Impact and Income with a PRO Online Brand (even if you don’t have a following or a website).


Brand Studio

A Private Facebook Community To Help You Increase Your Results Online

This is Julia Baxter’s Online Coaching Group for Members Only. Open To Marketers At All Levels.

This is where you’ll learn marketing and brand insights and skills to Increase Your Influence, Impact and Income.

Become World Class.

Done For Me

Done For You Website

Rock your new brand with a done for you website!

Superstar Brand Identity Package

A stellar purposeful brand can be applied to anything inside your business:

  • Defined the brand purpose
  • Create a clear brand message and tagline to communicate the brand purpose
  • Choose a fitting colour palette, icon (no logo required) and typography
  • Create Call-To-Action post
  • Create basic design piece
    • Facebook group header image
    • Social teaser posts
    • An email header

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