It’s true: Facts tell. Stories sell.

But people just don’t care about stories that don’t solve their problems. People are funny like that. No matter what you share with them, they’re thinking, “What’s in it for me?”

So here you are with all this great experience and brilliant personal examples…ready to get out there and inspire people with your story…and nobody cares? How rude!

There’s a simple formula for getting people’s attention when you tell your story.

How To Tell Your Story

Here’s the most effective way to share your experiences:

  1. teach lessons that relieve your audience’s pain or solve their problems
  2. weave your story into the lessons

POW! Now you’ve got their attention! Use this in your prospect discussions and your content, and your tribe will see the real you with meaning for them.



One of my marketing clients came to me with a business problem: His 20-year old business was failing.

Now, this guy has a powerful, triumphant personal story of overcoming a serious mental health disorder and achieving success against all odds. His vision was to use this recovery story to help other mentally ill people achieve their own greatness.

When he told his electrifying story from stage, the crowd was in awe!  But a great story and even a published book wasn’t enough. Why?

Because it was all about him…and his marketing sucked.

I helped him produce social media and marketing that addressed his audience’s biggest fears and problems, provided lessons they could use, and brought the online image of the company into the 21st century. People noticed. They wanted more content. They wanted to buy the book and hire the author to speak. They wanted to connect.

See what this little switch can do for you?

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
~ Maya Angelou


You already know why, right? Because facts tell and stories sell. So…If you want to sell more stuff, you’ve gotta get good at storytelling. Not in-your-face-pushy-selling. Storytelling. How does that sound?

Even if you think you aren’t good at telling stories, this FREE 2 hour video tutorial will teach you to tell a tale that sells your business, product, or service fast and with integrity.  Check it out.

What If My Personal Story Is Weak?

You’ve got this!
This week, I put together my top tips – straight from my own book publisher –
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Implement this freebie and start getting clear on how your story can create more success in your business.

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Julia’s Quick Start Guide to Write Your Story
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